AEROPLANE geeks love the Boeing 747 for its iconic style. Nothing brings to mind the golden age of mass jet-setting quite like the “Queen of the Skies”, with its four giant engines and familiar bumpy profile.

Airlines, though, are less keen. They now prefer twin-engined jets, which can fly further and use much less fuel. In 2014, Boeing did not sell a single jumbo. Last year, just 18 rolled off its production line in Everett, Washington state. That was still too many. So the firm planned to reduce its output to just one every other month, ahead of what seemed an inevitable coup de grace.

The Queen may have secured a stay of execution, however. Reports suggest that Boeing is close to securing a deal for ten jumbos, worth $4 billion, with AirBridgeCargo Airlines, Russia’s largest air-freight firm. According to Bloomberg:

The deal would provide a crucial lifeline for the “Queen of the Skies” as Boeing tries to preserve production until the air-cargo market…Continue reading