A WEEK ago, Gulliver took a trip to California. His credit card allowed him to check in a bag free, but southern California doesn’t require much bulky clothing in late August so he made do with a carry-on. Still, in this era of luggage fees, it felt almost wasteful to let a baggage allotment go unfilled. It is probably no surprise to hear that there’s an app for that. And there’s money in it, too.

Grabr, a startup in San Francisco, just raised $3.5m, some of which came from a Russian government fund, and has 50,000 users. If you find yourself with extra luggage space Grabr searches to see if anyone in the city you are flying to wants goods that can be bought in the city you are flying from. It then enables the transaction in exchange for a delivery fee. Requests on Grabr are diverse in their geography, type and remuneration. For bringing a Citizen watch to Vu in Ho Chi Minh City, you can make $5. Franz in Munich is apparently…Continue reading